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GlobSol Technologies offers products to the various industries in the Indian Sub-Continent sourced mainly from the continents of Europe, North America and additionally few from Far East. We look forward to working with you for your specific needs and provide the customized and standard machineries from some of world’s best machines with the expertise in technical field and sale, after sales support to our customers.

Our Divisions


Thermoplastic products

  • Medical Tube Extrusion Line
  • Rigid PVC Extrusion Line
  • Other Thermoplastic Extrusion Line
  • Roll forming lines for roller shutters slats
  • Automatic system for solar panels frames
  • E- Roller shutters assembly unit with plastic caps.

Horizontal Injection Molding machines

  • Vertical injection molding machine with Hydroblock clamping unit and reciprocating screw injection
  • Vertical Compression Molding Machine with Piston Clamping from top to bottom
  • Gooseneck Vertical Injection Molding Machine from thermosets
  • Horizontal Injection Molding machine with four struts and high pressure cylinder hydroblock clamping.

Rubber and Silicones Extrusions Lines

  • Complete Extrusion Line for Rubber Profiles
  • Complete Extrusions Lines for Rubber Hoses and Tubes
  • Extrusions Line for Silicon Products
  • UHF Vulcanization and Hot Air Vulcanization
  • Salt both Vulcanization and Film Joint Vulcanization
  • Textile Flocking Plants.


Test Benches for – Automotive, Hydraulic, Aerospace and Electronics Sector

  • Impulse, Burst and Fatigue Test Stands
  • Power Steering and Transmission Test Stands
  • Dynamometers and Axles Test Stands
  • Pumps, Filters, Valves and Motors Test Stands
  • Tractors and Powertrain Test Stands
  • ECU Station and Electric Motors Test stands.

Vacuum Packaging Machines for – Automotive & Hydraulic Parts, Food & Medical Industry

  • Single Chamber Vacuum Machine
  • Double Chamber vacuum Machine
  • Thermoforming Vacuum Machines
  • Semi & Fully Automatic Tray Sealers
  • Semi & Fully Automatic Shrink Tunnels

Braiding, Wire Winding Machines for – Automotive & Hydraulic Industry

  • SMW WIRE BRAID Machine
  • WIRE WINDING Machine
  • TAKE-UP & PAY-OFF Machine

LED, LCD Mfg. Equipment & Automotive PVs Test Rigs for – Automotive & Electronic Industry

  • Auto Test Equipment for Automobile Part
  • Molds & Tools for LEDs & LCDs
  • Auto System for Semiconductors, LED, LCD
  • Oven & Chambers
  • Environmental Chamber

Tools and Equipment for Measuring, Weighing and Control

  • Thickness, Surface Testers
  • Ultrasonic Tester, Tachometers
  • Manometer,Moisture meter,Radioactivity meter
  • Sensors, Transducers, Various Industrial Scales
  • Pressure Gauge, Photovoltaic Meter, EV Vehicles Testers Etc.,

Weld Cleaning Machines

  • SS & Aluminum Weld Cleaning Machines
  • Passivation Process
  • Polishing, Marking Process of weld Parts
  • Weld Clean Liquid & Neutralizer liquid & Spare Parts

Welding Equipments & Consumables

  • Paton International Welding Equipments
  • TIG, MIG , MAG Welding Machines
  • Plasma Cutter, Multiprocess Welding Machines
  • Welding Electrodes, Wire Feeder parts
  • Micro Welding Machines Etc.,

Our Products

Extrusion line for medical tubes

Medical Tube Extrusion Line by Tecno System Srl, Italy


Rubber Extrusion Line by TSM GmbH, Germany

Gearbox & Final Drive Test Stand

Gearbox & Final Drive Test Stand by Asterisco Tech Srl, Italy

Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Rubber Injection Molding Machine by IMG Srl, Italy

Vacuum Packaging Machines by Webomatic GmbH

Vacuum Packaging Machines by Webomatic GmbH, Germany

Braiding & Wire Winding Machines by SEIJIN Machinery Co., Ltd., South Korea

Braiding & Wire Winding Machines by SEIJIN Machinery Co., Ltd., South Korea

Magazine Cleaning Machine for Semiconductors by Top A Technology Co. ltd., South Korea

Magazine Cleaning Machine for Semiconductors by Top A Technology Co. ltd., South Korea

measuring weighing control

Various Type of Measuring, Weighing,Control system by PCE Instruments UK Ltd., UK

cougartron proplus starterpack

Cougartron ProPlus StarterPack from Cougartron BM Group International, Denmark

paton pro mig 250

Paton Pro MIG 250 Welding Machine By Paton International Ukraine

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